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UX Design, UI Design, User Testing


UX Design, User Testing


Heather McAlpine

Aliya Ghare

Mariana Gonzales Virgil

Lydia Shan


Four Week Design Sprint

Book Pal is an app for scheduling medical appointments with general practitioners by making it easy for those with busy or alternative schedules.

Booking doctors' appointments can be a frustrating task. Current methods require calling to the office, often waiting on hold, then going back and forth with a receptionist over available days for scheduling and availability depending on the services needed. Furthermore, as appointments must be made with a receptionist, they can only be made during business hours, which limits the time available for making appointments. Our goal is to create an efficient online booking system that allows a user to quickly book appointments at any time of the day with their doctors and outline the services required during an appointment.


A working prototype was created to showcase basic flow between the pages.

Click Here to Visit Prototype

User Testing and Iterations

Once a user flow, low fidelity and a medium fidelity prototype were established, our team performed user testing with 12 participants for feedback. With this feedback we continued to iterate and in the process we began to develop a visual design tile for the app. Once the prototype user experience was finalized and the design tile was created, we moved into high fidelity prototyping to complete the project.

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